Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Made-ups, Bleached absorbent cotton wool.
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Textile Made-ups Facility

S.Fazalilahi & Sons (Pvt) Ltd Karachi has its Textile Made-ups manufacturing plant located in the port city of Karachi. We use state of the art technology in making each of our products.

Our plant is setup to meet production goals and quality requirements of our customers. We are setup for ontime deliveries of the orders and to ensure continuity, we have setup in-house power generation facility.

Here we produce wide range of products including variety of mops and other cleaning products such as Cotton Dusters, Terry Cloths, Shop Towels, Rags, Stockinette etc. With this wealth of experience you can be assured that our products will be delivered punctually and in optimum condition ready for your consequent production lines in what ever part they are required by you.

The Company was established in 1947 dealing in textiles. In 1956 processing and export of textile waste was started. Gradually the facility has been modernized and expanded to cater to quality requirements and meet customer demands. It soon established itself as leading processor and exporter of processed textiles and its by-product.